Western Seven Shank Twisted Wire Bit

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This western seven shank twisted wire bit is commonly used in western riding. The bit is made up of seven shanks that are connected to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made from twisted wire, which allows for more control and pressure on the horse's mouth.

The design of the seven shank bit is intended to provide leverage and control to the rider. The longer shanks give more leverage, which means the rider can apply pressure to the horse's mouth with less effort. This can be useful for horses that are strong-willed or difficult to control.

The twisted wire mouthpiece adds to the bit's effectiveness by providing more contact points in the horse's mouth. The twisted wire design also allows for more nuanced cues to be given to the horse, making it easier for the rider to communicate with the animal.

  • Seven shank provides extra leverage
  • Smooth independent side-to-side movement
  • Two-piece twisted wire mouthpiece
  • Slightly more aggressive than a smooth mouthpiece 
  • Mouth: 5 in / stainless-steel 
  • Cheeks: 6 1/2 in / stainless-steel