Restore SR Electrolyte Horse Supplement

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Slow-release supplement helps horses retain electrolytes so they can replenish their reserves in the most optimal manner. Feed after competition, work or in any situation in which horse has sweated. May reduce the risk of conditions such as dehydration, muscular weakness, overheating, tiredness and poor performance.

Each 30 gm serving contains 6,900 mg sodium, 14,400 mg chloride, 3,990 mg potassium and 510 mg magnesium.

Directions: Divide daily amount equally among meals. Feeding recommendations for horses with 1,100 lb body weight: Light work (visible sweat) - 30-60 gm; Moderate work (dripping sweat) - 60-90 gm; Heavy work (extended sweating) - 90-120 gm. 30 gm scoop enclosed. Recommended to stop feeding to racehorses 24 hours prior to race.