Pony Size Argentina Cow Leather Side Pull

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This Argentina cow leather side pull is a high-quality option for horse owners who want a durable and stylish piece of tack for their pony. Made from Argentina cow leather, this side pull is designed to be strong and long-lasting. The leather has a beautiful natural grain that will only get better with age.

This side pull is designed to be comfortable for the pony, with a single rawhide braided noseband that hugs the nose for extra control. This bit-less training aid is perfect for horses with sensitive mouths or horses who are recovering from an injury. The stainless steel hardware gives this side pull a classic look, while also being sturdy and reliable. It is adjustable at the cheek and throat latch to fit ponies of different sizes, making it a versatile option for those who own multiple horses.

The sidepull is the easiest style to use while riding and is great for horses who may not be bit-ready. The reins attach to rings on the end of the noseband and the design offers direct rein pressure without the use of a bit. It is sure to last for many years to come and will be a valuable addition to any horse owner's collection.

  • Pony Size
  • Bit-less Training Aid
  • Single braided rawhide nose
  • Two rein ring attachments
  • Noseband rolls across pony's nose for better head control 
  • Stainless-Steel Nickel-Plated Hardware
  • Argentina Cow Leather
  • Reins Sold Separately