Trails End Western Wear & Tack Team

I have reflected over my first year in business and realized I have never told you guys about my Trails End Western Wear &Tack team!!!!! Oh my goodness how can I forget them???? We are a small team on the front but have a huge support team that we call and go over ideas with from time to time.

First there is Jerry Lyons my partner in crime.... He is my tack expert and handles most of the tack purchasing unless he let's me lose them I come home with 9 saddles.... He is also my driver that helps me get from point A to B sometimes we see point C & D also before making it home. He is the one you see on the fence when we show with a nod if we ever give that glance of question. His support is unexplainable....

Now for the second member Robyn Lyons, she is my bit, barrel racing expert and is the first to reel me back in on some of the fashion decisions that are just too out there. She is a 3 Time World Championship in barrel racing so I think she may know a thing or two... She is my go to for any questions in that area and she is the first to be in the truck if dad can't go.... She isn't too shabby at breaking young colts either and even did a stint in Western Pleasure.... New adventure is Ranch Riding

Third is Titi he is a little guy with big motivation... He is my solid and makes every trip I make to a show or race. You will see him hanging out in the trailer taking it all in..

Finally I guess I need to tell you a little about me. I stopped working in October to do this full time and absolutely love it. Meeting all of you folks is so much fun. I am very fortunate that my support team allows me to do this. I also show Western Pleasure and have been blessed with successful horses that have carried me to a Dixie National Championship and two state championships. I really enjoy the show clothing part of this but don't get to spend as much time on it as I would like.
This was a long ramble but I want you to know my team and that we are here for all of your clothing, boot and tack needs. If you see our trailer be sure to come by and say hello. Any needs you have feel free to get with us if we don't have it and can't get it I will help you in the right direction to get it.

Hope to see you down the road soon