Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2018. Just a few things I want to touch base with all my customers and friends on. We are growing, we have purchased and bigger trailer to increase our inventory. We are excited to be a Professional Choice dealer so be sure to drop me a note on what items you would like to see in stock. Always remember if there is something that we don't have or don't have it in your size we can order it. That leads up to one last thing, this doesn't happen often but I am seeing it a little more here lately. When you order clothing and you order two sizes at one time and plan to return the one that doesn't fit, please keep in mind that we get charge backs from the credit card company, we do not pass our shipping cost on to you guys, and we try very hard and search high and low for the best prices so we can pass them on to you. I will no longer do refunds on clothing that was ordered just to see which size fits, I can only do an exchange or I will have to start charging a restock fee and I do not want to do that. Also, if you purchase an item from a sale or off the trailer and need to exchange it for a different size notify me as soon as possible and we will need to do the exchange within 5 days as my inventory changes regularly and I may not continue to carry that product or be able to get your size. You are always welcome to call me or message me to inquire about sizing. Our goal is to keep our prices so that everyone can afford the products they need and want. Please if you have any questions let me know. Again, 2017 was our first year in business and you guys made it a great year, I hope to see all of you down the road and hope to continue to process orders for you. Thank you